Monday, August 29, 2011

Omg another meltdown but I have a mini plan

I stepped on the scale last night and had another meltdown (161 pounds and then after the gym today 160 pounds). I guess it was more so because I exercised during the weekend and still am not seeing the results I want to see. Work was cancelled today so I went to the gym early today and had a pretty awesome workout. I was actually more proud of this workout because I tried new things without someone coaxing me into it. I'm getting more and more comfortable at my gym. I still wish that had the stamina to go longer with my cardio but after adding in all the weighed exercises, I'm proud I accomplished 70 minutes of cardio. I am doing the elliptical, sideways elliptical, squats, crunches, bicep curls, the calves machine, the tricep overhead lifting, planks, weighted lunges, and I tried a couple new exercises.

Goals for this week: Lose weight (not stay the same or gain) Try to weigh myself more in the week to see what will make my weight go down.

Plan for this week: Work out at least 4 more hours at the gym.

Food plans: Eat more vegetables and fruits. RESIST temptations of eating all the bad foods everyone else is eating (only because I've eaten way too much bad food in the past few weeks that I've been at this plateau. I need to eat great to make my body feel great!)

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