Monday, September 23, 2013


I had beer. Late Last night. I guess that did it since I didn't really eat last night and I exercised in the morning. I feel full so it's a high weight. It like starting all over again on the process.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Errr. Not sure how to feel.

Friday, September 20, 2013


I don't know. I didn't eat as much. I passed out when I got home and did the more rigorous Zumba. My body feels empty so this could just be a low weight. Not a normal 156 weight.  

Thursday, September 19, 2013


At the rate I'm going I will be 158 for my vacation. I don't want that because I will need to buy all new shorts instead of just using what I have. I've already spent a lot of money on the clothes I'm wearing there and I need them to fit. Maybe I need to start exercising more or doing something different. I don't want to accept being close to the obese mark. I'd rather be some what over weight. I'm just happy I'm not in the 160s. I need to make sure I bring my lunch and bring healthy snacks. Mini wheat cereal is not actually helping like I thought it would. Neither is popcorn. I don't want to give it up but for the sake of my health I guess I need to say bye. It's so tiresome to be on this never ending food addiction battle. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Zucchini probably is one of my favorite vegetables right now because it takes on the flavors of other food and is a good bread replacement. I made peanut butter chicken with natural peanut butter and realized I could make peanut butter zucchini sandwiches if I bake it altogether. I'm looking for ways to make this eating healthier not a chore but something to look forward to. I kind of wish I wasn't the only one cooking but cooking the chicken is becoming less of a hassle. I need to find better snacks for work. Eating celery and carrots in a bag will be my last resort unless I pack Greek yogurt dip or something.


Errr. Not sure. My weight has been going up and down. I was a 156.0. I need to stay on track. I'm going to post more in depth later.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


I'm not even sure what to say. I'm thinking my carbs are still up too high because I had crackers and popcorn but I know I'm doing better because I ate green beans for breakfast. I made like a chicken stuffed with lasagna stuff type thing using fat free and low fat stuff. The sauce was low sugar and sodium. I cooked zucchini with it. At least I know that this kind of meal is not going to balloon me because I was using south beach phase one ingredients. 

I still haven't figured out what I want to do for making salmon. It's actually an expensive fish unless I get a Sam's club card and buy it in bulk for 6.99 a pound.I

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yesterday I was 157.8. I wish I could say ill be exercising today but I have to stay late at work. I need to remember how sweaty I get doing a particular teachers Zumba because I shouldn't think to go to the grocery that gross. I hope i get my salad today. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

156.8 I was a bit hard on myself.

I went back on the scale again and I was at 156.8. I think I need to be mindful that drinking late will have an effect on the scale.


Sigh. I ate too much bread despite my efforts of hollowing the bread for the breakfast sandwich and throwing away half to three quarters of my chow mein. I didn't exercise though so the results are not surprising. I need to cook today so I can go down during the week

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Huzzah!! I need to exercise today. If I break into the 40s by November I'm going to scream with joy. I'm eating at panera right now so hopefully this doesn't mess me up. I have more to write but I'll do it later.

Edit: Alright. More to say:

I'm becoming more ok with salad at least for the time being. Having finished that baked chicken with zucchini is giving me hope about my continuing with cooking though I haven't become fond of it like some people. I have been eating the Chick- Fil-A cobb salad and yesterday was the first time I ate it with spicy chicken. I'm wondering if I start making fried chicken salad at home whether I would continue to eat right. The $7.19 per salad is less then desirable and it's only salad mix, bacon, corn, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and chicken. I think I could do that better at home. I pick out a lot of the bacon. What I could do is boil a whole bunch of eggs for the week in the microwave ($2), Get some salad mix ($5), go to the salad bar for the tomatoes, corn, and cheese ($3), Cook some chicken ($7). For the price of 3 chick-fil-a salads I could get a lot more salad. The only think that deters me is that I could not make the chicken the same way as chick-fil-a so the other concept I was thinking is to make the salad without the chicken and just get an order of chick-fil-a chicken strips which I could use for 2 salads. The other concept is to just make a chick fil a salad a treat and come up with my own type of salad that is both cost effective and timely like chicken, southwest salsa, salad mix, and eggs.

I can't remember if I posted about this but I bought a new outfit from to work myself into after seeing Trina's picture from one of her recent shows. Hopefully it will look good on me. I couldn't find a gold belt yet but I will. I'm trying to be more trendy and weight loss is a good motivation for that.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Alright. Hopefully I don't blow it this time. I'm feeling like I'm going to keep going down if I can continue the routine I started. I almost forgot my lunch for work but I went back in and made it. This has to work. I really want it.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Ten pounds to go until I reach my Trinidad weight. I can do this. I have one piece of chicken left in the refrigerator and I've been looking up the recipes for salmon so I think I'm getting somewhere. I ate a chick fil a Cobb salad last night. They are 430 calories. I think I might try asking for no bacon or cheese or something to make it less calories. I want to be able to eat chick fil a with no regrets. I also don't use dressing so I've got something going. 

I was researching bento boxes because I was trying to figure out if its worth me buying or if I should just keep my own Tupperware. I had no idea Japan  had health guidelines in terms of how you should eat your bento. I still need to look into it more but it was fascinating that they help guide people to have smaller weight. I need look at typical bento meals to get a real understanding of how I could pack my lunch better for work. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I guess I'm doing alright. Making the decision to bring lunch to work might really help me stay on track if I continue to make big batches of food for myself. Some reason instead of tacos I'm wanting salmon. I don't know why. I was thinking about making barbecue salmon or salmon with cream cheese. I don't know how healthy either of these options are but I want to try one. I need to look up if its in a diet list.  It would be nice to have sushi but I know I can't eat it without gaining weight unless I go to a Buffet and eat a plate of vegetables before I eat sushi.  I always tend to eat like 12 to 15 sushi rolls but I'm going to change that. 

I bought the dress for the wedding and had a horrible experience at lord and taylor. I doubt I'll be shopping there again but the dress looks really nice. I dislike how my arms look but the dress is not going to change it. I bought a dress that flares out because it is what brings out the positives of my figure while hiding the negative. I am not going to feel like everyone is staring at the fat over my belly button anymore. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I guess my going with the flow cost me all of my weight loss from last week. I guess I will be trying harder 

Monday, September 2, 2013


I know I'm going to hate what I see on the scale in the morning. I ate a lot I mean a lot of food. I saw this girl today that made me want to eat salad for the rest of my life. I was upset that all the dresses I tried on today didn't fit. I felt like I was too fat for everything I thought was cute. My skin sagging issues on my stomach is the main problem in stuff looking cute even when it does fit. I just look skinny fat? Even though I'm really close to obese. 

I did like 130 squats tonight. I was feeling sweaty so I know it was doing something. I'm going to try and finish off the chicken I made and eat salad more. I haven't forgot about my zucchini taco salad. I need to see if there is a recipe on safari. 

I have a wedding I'm attending in a couple weeks and I'm too like how I look for when I go. I'm not going to know anyone there really so I would matter too much if I lost or gained but I want to look decent.

The picture is what I have so far for the wedding outfit. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I'm not how my weight went down. I finally cooked the chicken. This time I used stuffed the lime juice cleaned chicken with store made salsa in the produce section ( not the perservative kind that sits near the nachos in the snack aisle) and cut up zucchini and put them around the chicken. I dusted everything with salt free spicy seasoning and black pepper. I baked it for 45 minutes this time. I will have enough chicken for a few days. This was inspired by the chicken Cobb salad I had from chick fil a the other day because it had corn in it. I'm on my way to a party so we'll see how that goes.

I'm going to figure out how to make zucchini chips this week because I want to have zucchini taco salad. I couldn't buy cabbage because the lettuce section in the produce department is always gross.