Saturday, September 7, 2013


Huzzah!! I need to exercise today. If I break into the 40s by November I'm going to scream with joy. I'm eating at panera right now so hopefully this doesn't mess me up. I have more to write but I'll do it later.

Edit: Alright. More to say:

I'm becoming more ok with salad at least for the time being. Having finished that baked chicken with zucchini is giving me hope about my continuing with cooking though I haven't become fond of it like some people. I have been eating the Chick- Fil-A cobb salad and yesterday was the first time I ate it with spicy chicken. I'm wondering if I start making fried chicken salad at home whether I would continue to eat right. The $7.19 per salad is less then desirable and it's only salad mix, bacon, corn, tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and chicken. I think I could do that better at home. I pick out a lot of the bacon. What I could do is boil a whole bunch of eggs for the week in the microwave ($2), Get some salad mix ($5), go to the salad bar for the tomatoes, corn, and cheese ($3), Cook some chicken ($7). For the price of 3 chick-fil-a salads I could get a lot more salad. The only think that deters me is that I could not make the chicken the same way as chick-fil-a so the other concept I was thinking is to make the salad without the chicken and just get an order of chick-fil-a chicken strips which I could use for 2 salads. The other concept is to just make a chick fil a salad a treat and come up with my own type of salad that is both cost effective and timely like chicken, southwest salsa, salad mix, and eggs.

I can't remember if I posted about this but I bought a new outfit from to work myself into after seeing Trina's picture from one of her recent shows. Hopefully it will look good on me. I couldn't find a gold belt yet but I will. I'm trying to be more trendy and weight loss is a good motivation for that.

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