Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Currently I'm 146 and still trying to go back down. It's actually hard go want to force myself into completely eating healthy. I've been trying to eat more healthy things even when I'm not eating that healthy like choosing the grilled chicken over the fried chicken or buying fish instead of fried food. Some days it's really hard to just make the decision to not eat the bad stuff because the healthy stuff I've been eating except the tacos or fish hasn't been that "OMG this tastes so good feeling" but the scale finally going down does feel good. I've also done that thing where you can take one bite of something bad and just get rid of the rest either by giving it away or throwing it away. The only problem with that is I sometimes try too many different bad things in one day. Bad is also a relative term. For instance a granola to some isn't bad but on the sugar restricting diet granola is not that great. I also might want to add my eating bad foods has helped me stick to this healthier diet from the free for all that I was having before. I feel like I can maintain my healthier food when I know I can also eat the other kind of food in moderation. I really would like to get down into the low 140s high 130s sometime before June because I would like to have my goal reached by the 3 year mark. It would be nice to say I hit the goal at least once even if it was for a short while.

Stomach Update: My fat over my belly button is starting to shrink some. I feel if I were to reach Goal I would be able to more positively show off my swimsuit. Also it's not firm but it is pretty flat for still having some weight on me.

People Update: My appearance is starting to become more normal now. I used to look in the mirror and see my old self but it's starting to feel like it's me that I'm looking at but I still keep pointing out my flaws when my weight goes up.

Clothes Update: My clothes are fitting in like the 6/8/10 range. If it goes higher than that I usually don't try it on because it's usually clothes that are meant for people with no figure.

Exercise: I'm back to Zumba. I just love it too much to give up. I had better results on the treadmill but I didn't like going on it as much because my I-pod playlist sucks. Zumba is something I want to do without really thinking too hard. Who wouldn't want to dance for an hour and lose weight?