Monday, January 30, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been trying to get things in my life straight with moving, working out, eating, well basically everything. Hopefully thing will be settling down soon because honestly I'm a little tired of the constant go every day. I've haven't really been losing weight but I haven't really gained anything either. My knees are injured right now from Zumba. I think I was overdoing it trying to lose weight but what I really need to do is focus on the strength training aspect of weight loss so I can really lose the inches that I've been thinking about all this time. Summer is rolling around in like 17 weeks and I really want to be confident in shorts and hopefully a bikini of some sort this year. I was just at the thrift store trying on dresses and a size 6 dress with brand new tags completely fit. I was floored I was thinking that it was only going to partially zip up. I think what it actually is is my waist getting smaller and my chest/butt is the same. I'm in a size 8-10-12 pants and it's kind of weird still seeing a chubby person in the mirror. Frankly, it's not only in the mirror; it's in pictures too. I really need to go through my wardrobe and take out all the unflattering clothes and give them away. I've been doing a whole lot better at dressing myself but I still have stuff that reminds me of the past. It would be nice if I was looking at my closet thinking I'm going to be steaming hot but right now I will settle for good looking since I'm going to have to continue to buy clothes as the sizes drop. My thighs are still the same. The ripple hasn't left. I thought that by doing a lot of Zumba it would cause the ripple to disappear but it hasn't. But now that I think of it, if I were to wear hosiery more often I doubt I would see the ripple. Yes, a breakthrough.

I will try and update in the morning about the eating and all that. There are some new foods in my life but I'm trying to think if there is a lot I've forgotten. Ciao!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


I realized I never posted a christmas photo. This is from me at a christmas party. I honestly am feeling happy and not happy at the same time. I've been practicing dances from YouTube videos so I can get better at Zumba and it was making me feel like I really needed to lose weight still in order to make the dance look the way it's supposed to look. At the same time though, my body was looking the best it's ever looked in the mirror since I was in like 10th grade of high school. Maybe even 9th grade. I know I can break through this overweight barrier I just need to add in more decent weight training into my weeks consistently. I increased my weight training but it's not very consistent in types of exercising. Sigh. Just keep trucking.

I was telling my boyfriend today how I have never in my entire life felt the way I do about Zumba towards any other form of exercise. I seriously love being there. It weird to finally have a niche in exercising. I mean the elliptical was kind of my niche to but Zumba feels so thrilling for me.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

size 8 dress pants

So I officially am in size 8 dress pants and that feels good but everything else feels a mess. I'm just really honestly feeling blah right now. Not sure what to do with myself or anything. I've been eating more carbs even though I'm still eating vegetables. I've also been still going to Zumba. The new instructor added to my gym is amazing. I really need to record his playlist so I can practice the routines. It's fun. I'm not seeing all the results that I want to see yet but I think I will get there eventually.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Staring in the mirror

It's become apparent I need to rearrange some of my priorities so I don't get stressed out. First, I need to make sure I'm purchasing more fruits and vegetables so when I'm at home on the weekends I am more prone to eat healthy! I've been doing great for work but I need to keep it up at home better. Also, I need to increase my weight training because Zumba is not enough for me to lose the weight I want to lose. My shopping problem needs to be addressed because all the time I spend shopping I could be doing other things. I love walking around and looking at stuff but I doubt it's really productive. My time my be better spent reading on the treadmill or honing my skills as an adult artist rather than walking around spending money I don't need to. I stared in the mirror early when I started this blog and things changed. Hopefully it will change again for the better.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

zumba, moving, and ramen

So this computer is messed up. I tried posting but it cleared out the whole thing. I'm stressed about a lot of things right now and my weight is fluctuating I think to my making poor choices in food and drinks. I missed a week of Zumba due to traveling but people are saying my body looks smaller. My hope is to really get my weight to go down some more. Remember me being excited to have lost 70 pounds-- it was belittled by one of the personal trainers. I don't even think he realized how annoyed he made me when he told me I could be happy with being overweight but I'm still so close to obese. It made me so mad. Why could he just keep his mouth shut?! Anywho, the new instructor starts Friday for Zumba and I can't wait. It should be fun.