Saturday, January 14, 2012


I realized I never posted a christmas photo. This is from me at a christmas party. I honestly am feeling happy and not happy at the same time. I've been practicing dances from YouTube videos so I can get better at Zumba and it was making me feel like I really needed to lose weight still in order to make the dance look the way it's supposed to look. At the same time though, my body was looking the best it's ever looked in the mirror since I was in like 10th grade of high school. Maybe even 9th grade. I know I can break through this overweight barrier I just need to add in more decent weight training into my weeks consistently. I increased my weight training but it's not very consistent in types of exercising. Sigh. Just keep trucking.

I was telling my boyfriend today how I have never in my entire life felt the way I do about Zumba towards any other form of exercise. I seriously love being there. It weird to finally have a niche in exercising. I mean the elliptical was kind of my niche to but Zumba feels so thrilling for me.

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