Friday, January 6, 2012

Staring in the mirror

It's become apparent I need to rearrange some of my priorities so I don't get stressed out. First, I need to make sure I'm purchasing more fruits and vegetables so when I'm at home on the weekends I am more prone to eat healthy! I've been doing great for work but I need to keep it up at home better. Also, I need to increase my weight training because Zumba is not enough for me to lose the weight I want to lose. My shopping problem needs to be addressed because all the time I spend shopping I could be doing other things. I love walking around and looking at stuff but I doubt it's really productive. My time my be better spent reading on the treadmill or honing my skills as an adult artist rather than walking around spending money I don't need to. I stared in the mirror early when I started this blog and things changed. Hopefully it will change again for the better.

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