Monday, January 30, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been trying to get things in my life straight with moving, working out, eating, well basically everything. Hopefully thing will be settling down soon because honestly I'm a little tired of the constant go every day. I've haven't really been losing weight but I haven't really gained anything either. My knees are injured right now from Zumba. I think I was overdoing it trying to lose weight but what I really need to do is focus on the strength training aspect of weight loss so I can really lose the inches that I've been thinking about all this time. Summer is rolling around in like 17 weeks and I really want to be confident in shorts and hopefully a bikini of some sort this year. I was just at the thrift store trying on dresses and a size 6 dress with brand new tags completely fit. I was floored I was thinking that it was only going to partially zip up. I think what it actually is is my waist getting smaller and my chest/butt is the same. I'm in a size 8-10-12 pants and it's kind of weird still seeing a chubby person in the mirror. Frankly, it's not only in the mirror; it's in pictures too. I really need to go through my wardrobe and take out all the unflattering clothes and give them away. I've been doing a whole lot better at dressing myself but I still have stuff that reminds me of the past. It would be nice if I was looking at my closet thinking I'm going to be steaming hot but right now I will settle for good looking since I'm going to have to continue to buy clothes as the sizes drop. My thighs are still the same. The ripple hasn't left. I thought that by doing a lot of Zumba it would cause the ripple to disappear but it hasn't. But now that I think of it, if I were to wear hosiery more often I doubt I would see the ripple. Yes, a breakthrough.

I will try and update in the morning about the eating and all that. There are some new foods in my life but I'm trying to think if there is a lot I've forgotten. Ciao!

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