Saturday, May 25, 2013


I'm working out how I want to lose weight. I hit 162 at the beginning of the week and freaked out. I told myself I never wanted to go back into the obese category and I did. Right now I'm extremely overweight and feel like I should be happy with it but I would rather but closer to normal. I was debating whether I should renew my membership at the gym since Zumba hasn't been helping me lose weight. This week it did. I don't really want to pay that price to continue my weight loss. There is more to life than just walking on a treadmill and dancing in a Zumba class. Maybe I will have someone to exercise with on a regular basis in the future. Right now my goals are to exercise for a least 30 minutes a day. I didn't technically do that yesterday but I did walk around the mall for hours with my sore legs. My schedule is in disarray from this night class I'm taking but I will prevail. I'm going to put my health first. When I saw my weight in the 60s I thought about the health problems of being overweight. I don't want to be sluggish.