Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Down 70!!!! Tried a Pilates Class

It so exciting to finally be 150 pounds. I still look like I have a lot of weight to lose being short and all but I'm happy my weight is going down. Last night, I did Zumba and Pilates. Pilates is so calm compared to Zumba but it is just as fun. I feel the soreness from the work out. I'm really happy I didn't gain from Thanksgiving. I did so much walking for Black Friday shopping; it was awesome. Sunday I did some resistance band training while I was playing an online word game.

I'm not going to forget my big time goal of 145 for the end of the year. I think I can do it. My food goal is to eat more vegetables a week. I'm not sure how I'm going to track this. I should start bringing tupperware with steamed vegetables to work or steam some vegetables with my dinners. Instead of eating at the restaurants, I should take it home and make some vegetables to beef up the dinner. I haven't really gone grocery shopping except for food to shove in my desk for work.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Holidays

I can't say that I necessarily ate that wonderfully for Thanksgiving but I did do Zumba in the morning and I also did some walking today. I took a couple pictures of myself for the occasion. It was a good day. I only ended up really eating the dinner. I wasn't hungry for the rest of the day. I didn't binge either. Most of my plate was green beans and I tried not too eat all the sugary stuff. My knees started to hurt from Zumba so I'm taking a couple days off. I may need to invest into some different shoes. I'm hoping it might have just been because my body wasn't adjusted to all the jumping.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've been sore today and tired but it didn't stop me from going to zumba. It was so good but my legs were trembling walking out of the gym. I think I may need to take a one day break from Zumba tomorrow but if I feel like I can muster up the energy I will go.

I'm going to work on remembering to take more pictures of this journey since it's not over yet.

My body is stalling and I'm pretty sure it's because I'm not eating enough vegetables. I'm going to work back in the vegetables for the regular snack. I have still been eating tuna so at least I have something going for me.

Monday, November 21, 2011

151 and 6 hours

I managed to do 6 hours of Zumba last week. It was so much fun!! I also did some weight training and abdominal tucks with the resistance band. Hopefully I will have a fail proof plan for thanksgiving because I love macaroni and cheese. My family doesn't want to eat low carb macaroni and cheese. Sigh. I might make it wednesday night so I won't care too much that it's there for thanksgiving. I want to lose like 6 more pounds before New Years. If I keep up with the weight training on the days I can't go to Zumba I should be alright. I should be at my first goal weight of 130 by March if I can keep up my exercise. The 119 goal is really the vanity goal of wanting to be fully in the normal BMI rather than being so close to overweight.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 Zumba classes in one day

I didn't think I could do it but I did. I even was wearing jeans in the first one because at the last minute before leaving work I talked myself into going (more like my coworkers talked me into it). My body is sore. I think I need to weigh in more often so hopefully I will lose weight more consistently with the better tracking. I did weight training after zumba so hopefully it will work. Also, I did the abdominal tucks last night with the resistance bands. One of my coworkers asked me what size I was and she told me she doesn't think the sizing is accurate. I do shop at the thrift store and haven't tried on nonthrifted pants in a long time. Maybe my freaking out was over nothing? But I would like to be in the single digits regardless of whether it's thrifted or not.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling so impatient

I really really want to get into the single digits in my jeans. It feels a little like torture that I've come all this way and I can't seem to fit my butt into a size 9 or 10 for that matter in most jeans. Thank you Michael Kors for making awesome jeans that make me feel good about my curves but what the heck. I need to have more exercise or something. I'm about to do crunches after I finish this rant and hopefully I will feel like I did something towards my goal. I don't even want to rant to people I know because they wouldn't understand how I feel to be trapped. I don't feel like going to the gym more because I want to have a life but I feel like my weight is still holding me back.

People keep saying to me I shouldn't go under 130 but I think I should; this thin woman had so much energy doing Zumba tonight. I want that energy. She didn't pull off the moves with as much force as I was but she was able to hop and jump like it was nothing. I always feel like my chest is going to hit me in the face when I'm jumping for too long. Maybe I do need to go to the gym more. I was lifting weights on my break today at work. I should just lift weights during my lunch break.

Working on eating=Saving Money

So I realized I can save more money buy eating to the point that I'm not hungry rather than eating to the point of being full. It helps with weight loss but it also helps my pocket because I can save some for later rather than trying to eat it all at once to get everything I paid for. It also got me to thinking about my portions in general when I go out. I should have more times than not where I order the kids meal (which is cheaper) than the adults meal (expensive and often way too much calories in the portion).

Zumba: Yes, I'm trying to go harder at Zumba so I can feel the burn and look good while exercising. Half doing the moves isn't going to look cute nor would it help my weight loss.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Exercise Videos to use from Youtube

Some Youtube videos I'm thinking about using... or definitely using because I want my stomach flab to leave...

My Jane Fonda Abs Routine that I'm thinking about using when I get home from Zumba. If I can get the audio I will just do the workout at the gym and keep my yoga mat in the car.

The Jane Fonda Abs

Another Jane Fonda Abs Workout

Tae Bo Bonus Abs

Zumba Abs -Features a standing situp

I'm noticing a lot of them have the some concepts so I'm going to switch it up even though I know Jane Fonda's first linked workout works for me.

Resistance Band Exercises:

Sparkpeople! One I could do at work!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Night Blues

So I'm sitting here thinking about my weight loss. I've been browsing through weight loss videos on youtube. My menstrual cycle is probably playing a bigger part in my frustrations over the weight gain I experienced. I'm hoping really that the drastic increase of water will help shock my system back into where it was. I need to become obsessed with doing the exercises more than just thinking about it. Here are some of my thoughts as it stands:

I need to find more ways to exercise at work.
I need to will myself to stop shopping all the time to spend a little bit more time at the gym.
I need to drink water like the saying " you better finish what's on your plate before you do anything else"
I need to dress better for the gym (it's not a fashion show but it's easier to workout when people aren't staring at you).

I ate subway today without the cheese.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freaking out a bit but it's going to be ok.

How can the scale tell me I gained so much weight when I thought I was doing so-so? Even on my bad weeks I've never gained 5 pounds in one week. So it's back to the basics like tuna, broccoli, popcorn, vegetables,and water. Anywho, I've been pumping hard at Zumba and I pumped even harder today after seeing the numbers on the scale. Funny thing is, my pants fit a little looser even though the scale is like Uh-oh. I'm going to Zumba and am going to sweat until I drop! My goal is to try to get close to 152 by next wednesday. I'm really going to drink more water-- it's been a problem of mine. I need to start using my Brita Filter again so I can save some money.

Oh and don't think I've fallen off the deep end. I think the weight might be water retention from the recent amount of sodium.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Birthday!

My birthday is tomorrow but I've been celebrating it over this weekend.. I loved my outfit and want to share. We went out dancing and I had so much fun! Only one glass of wine and the rest was water!! :D I didn't take a picture of my second birthday outfit but I will get a picture of my gala outfit for friday!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Zumba and forgetfulness

So I was doing great with Zumba until tonight when I missed 40 minutes of the class from thinking it started later for some reason. I was even looking up Zumba videos on youtube... which, there are some pretty good videos. I'm going to look into finding a spot to do zumba more than just the gym because I'm getting kind of obsessed with it. It's way more awesome than training for a 5k, at least for me. I apologized to the instructor, even though I didn't need to, for being so late to the class. She was so understanding and also said she'd make a CD for me to practice with!!!!! So cool, because I definitely want to get good. I need to see if I can bring speakers with me to the gym so I can practice the Zumba routines when no one is in the room.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

152 woohoo

Finally my weight is down some more. I need to up my fiber a lot and keep it trucking. Still planning on going to Zumba tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

feeling pretty good.

It's round 2 of being sick. I just must not dress warmly enough. Zumba has been great. I went both today and yesterday. Hopefully nothing will get in my way of doing it tomorrow and thursday. I will try to exercise on the elliptical too at home. The internet is finally letting me stream video so I've been trying to watch as much anime as I can before it goes away.

Yellow popcorn doesn't taste anything like white popcorn. I think it's alright but I'm probably not going to buy it again unless I have to. Things eating wise are alright.

I'm really trying to appreciate my body for what it looks like now. I have to be proud of dropping like 5 dress sizes. It definitely is easily to fail victim to beating myself up because of how this process makes me realize how shallow people are. I was just thinking. Maybe I should stop focusing on how I look and start focusing on how I feel.

This post is so disjointed but that is where my mind is right now.