Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feeling so impatient

I really really want to get into the single digits in my jeans. It feels a little like torture that I've come all this way and I can't seem to fit my butt into a size 9 or 10 for that matter in most jeans. Thank you Michael Kors for making awesome jeans that make me feel good about my curves but what the heck. I need to have more exercise or something. I'm about to do crunches after I finish this rant and hopefully I will feel like I did something towards my goal. I don't even want to rant to people I know because they wouldn't understand how I feel to be trapped. I don't feel like going to the gym more because I want to have a life but I feel like my weight is still holding me back.

People keep saying to me I shouldn't go under 130 but I think I should; this thin woman had so much energy doing Zumba tonight. I want that energy. She didn't pull off the moves with as much force as I was but she was able to hop and jump like it was nothing. I always feel like my chest is going to hit me in the face when I'm jumping for too long. Maybe I do need to go to the gym more. I was lifting weights on my break today at work. I should just lift weights during my lunch break.

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