Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Freaking out a bit but it's going to be ok.

How can the scale tell me I gained so much weight when I thought I was doing so-so? Even on my bad weeks I've never gained 5 pounds in one week. So it's back to the basics like tuna, broccoli, popcorn, vegetables,and water. Anywho, I've been pumping hard at Zumba and I pumped even harder today after seeing the numbers on the scale. Funny thing is, my pants fit a little looser even though the scale is like Uh-oh. I'm going to Zumba and am going to sweat until I drop! My goal is to try to get close to 152 by next wednesday. I'm really going to drink more water-- it's been a problem of mine. I need to start using my Brita Filter again so I can save some money.

Oh and don't think I've fallen off the deep end. I think the weight might be water retention from the recent amount of sodium.

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