Monday, November 21, 2011

151 and 6 hours

I managed to do 6 hours of Zumba last week. It was so much fun!! I also did some weight training and abdominal tucks with the resistance band. Hopefully I will have a fail proof plan for thanksgiving because I love macaroni and cheese. My family doesn't want to eat low carb macaroni and cheese. Sigh. I might make it wednesday night so I won't care too much that it's there for thanksgiving. I want to lose like 6 more pounds before New Years. If I keep up with the weight training on the days I can't go to Zumba I should be alright. I should be at my first goal weight of 130 by March if I can keep up my exercise. The 119 goal is really the vanity goal of wanting to be fully in the normal BMI rather than being so close to overweight.

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