Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Night Blues

So I'm sitting here thinking about my weight loss. I've been browsing through weight loss videos on youtube. My menstrual cycle is probably playing a bigger part in my frustrations over the weight gain I experienced. I'm hoping really that the drastic increase of water will help shock my system back into where it was. I need to become obsessed with doing the exercises more than just thinking about it. Here are some of my thoughts as it stands:

I need to find more ways to exercise at work.
I need to will myself to stop shopping all the time to spend a little bit more time at the gym.
I need to drink water like the saying " you better finish what's on your plate before you do anything else"
I need to dress better for the gym (it's not a fashion show but it's easier to workout when people aren't staring at you).

I ate subway today without the cheese.

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