Wednesday, January 4, 2012

zumba, moving, and ramen

So this computer is messed up. I tried posting but it cleared out the whole thing. I'm stressed about a lot of things right now and my weight is fluctuating I think to my making poor choices in food and drinks. I missed a week of Zumba due to traveling but people are saying my body looks smaller. My hope is to really get my weight to go down some more. Remember me being excited to have lost 70 pounds-- it was belittled by one of the personal trainers. I don't even think he realized how annoyed he made me when he told me I could be happy with being overweight but I'm still so close to obese. It made me so mad. Why could he just keep his mouth shut?! Anywho, the new instructor starts Friday for Zumba and I can't wait. It should be fun.

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