Thursday, September 5, 2013


Ten pounds to go until I reach my Trinidad weight. I can do this. I have one piece of chicken left in the refrigerator and I've been looking up the recipes for salmon so I think I'm getting somewhere. I ate a chick fil a Cobb salad last night. They are 430 calories. I think I might try asking for no bacon or cheese or something to make it less calories. I want to be able to eat chick fil a with no regrets. I also don't use dressing so I've got something going. 

I was researching bento boxes because I was trying to figure out if its worth me buying or if I should just keep my own Tupperware. I had no idea Japan  had health guidelines in terms of how you should eat your bento. I still need to look into it more but it was fascinating that they help guide people to have smaller weight. I need look at typical bento meals to get a real understanding of how I could pack my lunch better for work. 

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