Monday, August 1, 2011

159 and 131 minutes of cardio

I'm at 159 pounds and it feels pretty good. I kind of wish it were lower but I ate some really unhealthy foods this weekend. I need to make sure I still exercise on the days I eat unhealthy food. I'm not even saying I ate a lot of unhealthy food but the unhealthy food was really bad like 2 cookies, one raspberry filled toast, potato salad, and barbecue chicken. I should have brought an emergency food pack like I am going to bring for my vacation this weekend.

I worked out 131 minutes on the elliptical today and did more weight training than I've ever done. I'm hoping to see some results from the added weight training but so far I don't feel like I'm seeing them yet. I added the leg press to my workout and stayed longer on the abdominal machine. Free weights for the bicep and deltoids. Chest press for the triceps. Hoping Hoping for some positive results.

The picture of me is from yesterday. I could not help but feel like it needed to be shown because I'm really proud of my weight loss. I still feel a little self conscious in shorts but I wore then anyway.

One of the ladies at the gym who is uncomfortable near me actually did exercise on the elliptical at the same time. She was all the way at the other end of the machines but it was okay. I'm just taking your advice and keep playing my music and try to ignore them.

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MB said...

WOW! 131 minutes on the elliptical is fantastic. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.