Monday, August 22, 2011

Not sure how to feel

I think I need to stop buying fiber brownies. I'm not losing any weight and I feel like taking them away will help me find better options for fiber and snacking. I had a great workout today- sideways elliptical, weight lifting, and I did a free session with the personal trainer (not realizing it was his plan into trying to get me into signing on for him to be my trainer).

I caved again this weekend, which is probably the real reason I'm not losing. I was doing well until Saturday afternoon. It feels kind of pathetic that I have lost my will power to eat healthy every time I'm with my family. Something is seriously wrong with that I always feel like I'm going to be lectured or labeled an outcast but I shouldn't care because it's my body. The places we went didn't serve healthy food. I tried to eat less of the food but I guess I didn't less enough. I kept handing my food to others to eat. I packed a healthier trail mix and ate that but it didn't deter me enough.

I know there are more ways to measure than the scale but it's depressing stepping on the scale after knowing you didn't do your best. I feel like I'm so close to the healthy weight but I still have so much growing to do mentally. I'm going to step on the scale in the morning and see if the number changes any from just after the gym weight. -sigh.

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