Tuesday, August 2, 2011

greek yogurt and 62 minutes

So today my workout kind of sucked. I burned like 700 calories on the elliptical and did my weight training. I really wanted to go further on the elliptical but my body kept shouting,

"go home and workout on your elliptical after you run some errands you don't have to exhaust yourself. Give your arms a rest!"

Me: No Body No!! I don't want to stop working out!

Body: "Just work out a little bit but you know your arms are too exhausted from all the free weights you've been lifting. Go home and eat some protein. Yes, that's what you really need not this sweaty old machine. Yeah, just go home".

I tried working out for that next 30 minute session but my body won the battle. I'm here typing. Oh and I think the chest press actually works out the deltoids not the triceps. Also, I was doing the seated leg press not the leg extension if that's what I typed I cannot remember. If I can run my errands quickly I should go back to the gym so I don't feel guilty about my lame workout even though my arms are ridiculously sore.

I finally tried that Greek Yogurt thing last night at my friend's house. We had tacos (ok ok, so I know tacos aren't really that good for you but keep reading). So I used the greek yogurt to be my sour cream substitute. It was delicious! It did exactly what it was supposed to do. I was going to turn them into tuna tacos but I was not sure how to heat the tuna since my friend doesn't have a microwave. Also, today I put the yogurt in my tuna to be like the mayonnaise tuna salad. It tasted alright it felt like it needed more pepper but it really looked the part. It would fool plenty of people I think into eating healthier.

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