Monday, August 8, 2011

Junk Food

I'm still at 159 with very good reasons. I ate too much junk food over the weekend (a hot dog, fried rice, low calorie potato chips, frozen custard, bacon egg cheese sandwiches, diet snowcone, movie theater popcorn, and diet soda). Now I didn't have them all in large amounts but I did have them. My emergency food pack didn't get used but I'm kind of glad I indulged in the foods I wanted. I lost/won a bet with myself so I'm going to be blogging about more vegetables soon. I just acquired a George Foreman Grill so hopefully some of the vegetables will be grilled and hot. I'm thinking of quite a few things that I could do. I should buy some ingredients but I will probably end up baking first instead of using the grill because I need to save some recipes so I don't overcook the food.

Shopping: I went out this morning and bought like 8 new bottoms for work. I bought some jackets, shirts, and a couple pairs of good fashionable work shoes. I'm determined to not look frumpy after losing so much weight. I'm currently packing up all my "fat" clothes to be given away and I'm giving away like 20 pairs of worn out shoes. I need to figure out a simple way that I can do make up for work too. My only issue with my shopping is that I neglected to bring water with me so I ended up so dehydrated that my workout was almost non-existent today. It was like a 45 minute workout in total including the weights.

Vacation: Last year I went to a pool party and felt great in my swimsuit. I was obese and rather large for my frame. This year, I went to the beach and felt so self conscious in my swimsuit that I was uncomfortable. I don't get it-- I ended up feeling upset that my body didn't look the way I thought it should. I think my mind is playing tricks on me.

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