Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Guilt

I'm not guilty about what I ate at the restaurant.
I'm guilty about still being afraid to exercise with anyone around.

It must be a self conscious or something issue but I still haven't been able to bring myself to do after being criticized so much. It just doesn't make it right that I didn't exercise I will just have to keep working.

Everytime I have a major weight loss I get nervous after being excited. It's really true?? I'm getting smaller? More people are going to start paying attention again just because of my size? I need to go with the flow and just be happy.

No new information about running yet. Hopefully the snow will give me some real days to figure out a plan for the spring. I really would like to be solidly overweight instead of borderline obese by July. (Note: The BMI index deems my height to be overweight at 160. So really by July I'd like to be about 150 so I'm comfortable in the overweight category this means that I'd have to lose 24 pounds in 5 months or about 5 pounds a month to reach this goal. The sooner I start my training regime the better.)

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