Sunday, January 2, 2011

Been Wanting to Post

I've been wanting to post but couldn't find out exactly what to say. First I'd like to say I love not weighing myself even though I do well with my weight loss when I do. I just love not having anxiety over it. I haven't been exercising like I should thought. After this entry I'm going to get on my machine. I'm proud for the most part of not giving up completely on my weight loss after seeing all of these pictures of me by other people where i feel like I look like i need to lose an extra 100 pounds more than what i'm trying to lose already.

A Few of my goals for this year that I WILL complete is:
Fitting nicely in a monokini
running in a 3k or 5k
getting close if not hitting my goal weight
crocheting an afghan for myself

Some things that I really liked about this holiday season was that I spent more times with friends. I really feel like having my own place has helped with me losing weight, being more healthy, and becoming more social. I'm happy.

I need to really budget out my money and eat healthy this month because I was so generous for gifts and parties. Oh before I forget.... I was so upset when I saw the nutritional label for Panera's broccoli and cheddar soup. It is mega unhealthy. Ridiculously unhealthy. It has 52% of your saturated fat for the day and 40something % of your sodium for the day all in one little serving. I don't think I'll be ordering that anytime soon. sigh.

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