Friday, January 14, 2011


Four days of full exercise and I'm wondering if I can go for 5. It's hard for me to workout on the treadmill but I could give it a go. I'm feeling so good about me working out everyday and not actually really talking about it besides on here. I'm starting to rethink my monokini ideas. I think a regular one piece might still be fine. I remember how uncomfortable I felt with people looking at me with the weight loss. I'd rather just feel happy I can wear a smaller suit. Regardless of how much more weight I lose by the summer I still will look "better" than I felt last year and the year before. Hopefully this summer I will be able to wear more heels without feeling the burn in my legs from all the weight they are carrying.

Passing up McDonalds today at work was easy when I thought of my smaller swimsuit disappearing. I also thought about the grease dripping off the burgers making me a little sick along with the mutated meat rumored to be the base of McDonald's meat.... errr.

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