Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kind of concerned..

Does being healthy mean that I have to be thin?

It's not necessarily a question of looking for excuses to remain fat... it's more of a question to understand why someone might be rushing to lose tons of weight fast besides the social stigma..... to lose weight= eating vegetables and fruits+ exercising+ getting some good sleep+ drinking water... my mind is a little jumbled as to why i keep reading about so many people trying to lose weight way too fast.

Rome wasn't built in a day... neither was being fat. Do what you can and be happy that you tried. Losing tons of weight fast and then being unhappy because your skin is sagging is going to bring a whole new set of baggage. Toning and cardio. Lose the fat while fixing your muscles.

If you are unhappy with your arms... especially the tricep.. Do tricep toning exercises. So what if people say that it doesnt do anything for weight loss in general. Forget them and do it. At least you'll feel better that you are doing someting about your "problem".

I'm basically saying all this because I'm fighting with myself over my motivations of losing weight and progress. Regardless of the motivations I will continue to lose weight because I like more of how I'm eating now than I was doing before. I went out last night. I kept feeling like people are staring negatively about me (too self conscious).. part of it could be really because I didn't exactly feel comfortable. I need to keep working. Weight loss does not solve confidence issues but pushing myself outside of my comfort zone will.

Edit: Even though I was self conscious I did have way more fun than some of the people there. I am glad to have went.

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