Wednesday, January 12, 2011

3 days

Three days in a row of exercising and I'm proud of myself for not slacking this week. I need to exercise tomorrow to make myself really feel like I gave it my all. I did an hour on the first day, 45 minutes the second, and an hour today. YAHOO!!! I'm pleased so much, you don't understand.

I've been having this weird feeling at work like I need to run. I mean sprint. I used to get this feeling when I was exercising before and I was pent up with feelings. When it used to happen,... I actually had the ability to go out for a jog/walk. So I would. I don't know what to do now.

I also need to figure out how to train for running in the spring. I want to be able to run my 3k or 5k in the spring. I don't even know anymore whether I want anyone to run with me because I want it to be my thing. Speaking of which, I need a new mp3 player because mine is so old and the screen doesn't work anymore. I hope to go running with an mp3 player.

Bought some more fruits today. I've been eating my fruits and vegetables but I knew I needed some more in my refrigerator because it was feeling as if I was going to be eating air if I didn't go out to the store.

I want to fit in that monokini!

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