Wednesday, January 19, 2011

180 Woot Woot

Finally the scale says how I feel and look. I look thinner and feel thinner so why did the scale take a longer time to show that? I don't know. I worked out already 2 days this week. I changed it up last night and did some time on the elliptical and then did tae bo. Let me tell you how sore I felt after the video. I'm glad I changed things up too I was getting tired of the same workout over and over.

180 means 40 pounds completely lost from my body!!! Woot woot!! I will celebrate by working out and maybe adding Hip Hop Abs to my collection or Zumba. I have watched the infommercials too many times but like the dancing component. But this really means that I am 50 pounds away from my final goal and only 20 pounds from my next really big goal. At 160 I will look really good in a swimsuit. At 160 I will also try on my old swimsuit and give myself a comparison to remind myself of how it feels to be healthy vs unhealthy.

Edit: on second thought no zumba or hip hop abs... maybe an exercise video game like just dance.

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