Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Question? Tuna Tuna Tuna

Do you realize how much you've changed since you started your weight loss journey? I keep wondering if I look the same all the time. Even when I know my pants are looser and my shirts aren't snug. I keep questioning whether I have done enough to make it show to the people that matter that I care about being alive until I'm really old. I will start writing down my progress in researching places to jog: school tracks, parks, down the streets. I think down the street is pretty dangerous so be careful. I really would prefer to jog in a park. I just have to find one that I can be comfortable running in. Also preferably on the way home. I've been trying to make losing weight as cost effective as possible. I spend money on getting healthy food and already have 2 pieces of gym equipment so I really don't need to spend more money on gas to go jogging.

I've also been doing more reading about growing carrots in my dining room. I still have concerns that the plants might attract bugs of that I will have a black thumb again killing all the vegetables. I couldn't even grow something that you didn't even need to water. Better luck this time I hope. I could get a gallon of water and grow it in there or use that Hi-C jug I have sitting in my fridge. I had an anime party a few weeks ago and refuse to drink the juice. I'll pour it out and use that container! Epiphany through writing! Squee!!! I just need the activated charcoal, gravel, soil, and seeds!!! So cool. I love it.

I'm also going to start selling my crafts because I can't keep having them pile up in my place and I want to spread my kawaii (cute) art all over the world! I will post on my other blog about all the crafts and update my etsy shop.

Oh about the tuna. I love love love this Lemon and Pepper Tuna (Single serving container). Best thing I could use for adding protein with lunch. I'm happy to now have protein, veggies, and fruits as the real base to my diet. Vegetable Gyoza for breakfast!!! Apple for a snack later... Tuna and flaxseed tortillas for lunch. Brussel Sprouts for dinner.

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