Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Had my hardest workout in a long time

I was watching The Biggest Loser tonight by happenstance while working out. Let me tell you it was one of my hardest workouts in a long time. The first half hour when by like nothing. I don't know what happened it must of me focusing so much on the television that I didn't realize I burned 375 calories then. Then comes the last 15 minutes which turned into the last half hour. Yes, I worked out for an hour tonight. I really feel the burn but I also used the machine more consistently. I need to see if there are more episodes I could watch from the library or something. It really felt like I was in a competition with the contestants.

I wanted to win the challenges.
I wanted to say I lost more weight this week than I have any other week in the history of my weight loss journey.

One of the contestants said something I really need to remember:
No matter what my body says I need to keep on trucking.
If someone who is almost 3 times my size in body weight can do a hardcore workout so can I!

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