Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thinking about it I'm more nervous

My boyfriend proposed the idea that he and I should go to a restaurant tomorrow night. I was excited at first until it started to sink in that I'd have to eat at the restaurant. We haven't been visiting too many restaurants recently and I'm glad. I don't want to risk myself ballooning. Salad is going to be my mission or steamed vegetables.

The rent on my place is being raised. I don't know how to refinance my budget to feel right. The economy is not well so I really will have to buckle down and keep the minimum. No more buying unneccessary food like food I'm buying just because it's on sale and then later I forget about it only to go, "Why did I buy that". I will also have to stop shopping so much. I don't buy stuff all the time but I will have to stop just randomly shopping. I could use that time to do my jogging and for that matter use the gas towards jogging. I could minimize the amount of clothes I have to save on the amount of washing I have to do.

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