Sunday, June 5, 2011

None on Friday and Saturday

There was no working out on Friday or Saturday but I did exercise today. I'm not excited exactly about my new circumstances of being at my place every weekend because people don't want me around. I'll have to adjust and focus on having fun over near me. The only awesome thing is that I was tired of packing up my stuff every weekend and not having enough time to enjoy my own place for what it is, MY PLACE. My stress level was out of control when I found out the news. I was unsure about posting it on here but it is important to my weight loss because it was the reason I was too stressed out to work with the personal trainer and my ability to exercise freely no without worrying whether I'll be irritating someone.

I only exercised for a half hour so I owe myself some time tonight. I was feeling down today from being unsure of what to do. I possibly should have went to the gym but working out at my apartment is fine for today and I went grocery shopping.

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