Sunday, June 19, 2011

10k on the Elliptical

Yesterday afternoon I hopped on my elliptical and did a 10k. Friday night I did 1.3 miles with half of it jogged on the treadmill. I really think I can keep up with the exercise as long as I get over the excuses. Exercising might also deter me from all the shopping that I do even if it is window shopping that I do most of the time.

I am going to work hard at eating more vegetables this week and hold off on a lot of the fruits I've been focusing on. I seem to lose the most weight when I eat more vegetables than fruits. I bought a couple South Beach Diet books because I used that the first time I lost weight and remember some of the vegetable infused recipes tasting good. I'm not too sure about eating sugar free gelatin all the time. I might settle for cucumbers as a snack or something like that.

I read a couple books about beauty. The idea "fat works on other people but not me" was starting to creep in and I started feeling a bit gloomy. I don't know some days are better than others. I'm glad at what I've accomplished but I have not progressed much in a long while.

I finally bought a swimsuit top but it is the dreaded takini that I didn't want to wear this year. Realizing that the bikini just wasn't cutting it for me this year was probably the start of the gloomy feeling and not the book but the top is cute even if it wasn't what I intended to wear. I will just have to make a vacation to wear a bikini when I reach my goal weight.


Valerie said...

By the way, you look AWESOME in that picture. The bikini won't quite cut it for me this year either, but I figure that means I'll just enjoy it that much more next year. You're doing great. Just keep it up!

Lilies in my Cereal said...

Thanks! :)

Lilies in my Cereal said...

P.s. You look like you're being modest about not wearing a bikini! Work it when you know the time is right though!!!