Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Working out

So I worked out last night for I think an hour and 10 minutes but it could have been longer because my timer had to be reset after I took my water break. Hopefully I can keep this up. I really want to eat meat! But I will eat it sparingly. I also want to do my hair in a new style. Since I started losing weight I have been taking more pride in my appearance. I really want to have a trendy hairstyle. My self-esteem has been lifted with how my pants are feeling looser everyday but I'm not buying new clothes anymore except sweaters and coats until I lose a lot more weight. My new prom plans need to start being hashed out so I can have the best time possible. I also need to sell some artwork to help fund some of my plans. Adventure pictures to come.

Also I weighed myself on monday. I am back at 194. I had went up to 196 from eating the baby back ribs and cake and other stuff but the little workouts that I did last week took me down 2 pounds. Hopefully I can lose another 2 pounds this week with eating much healthier.

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