Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bah Humbug.

Working out for an hour is now surprisingly easy! It went by in no time at all. I took a couple minute break at a half hour to drink some water. This shouldn't be that hard to reach my goal. I keep staring at my elliptical knowing I would be burning more calories if I worked out on it so I think I'll try to work out a couple minutes in the morning on it and then use my recumbent when I'm home from work.

I have to admit yesterday at work, my coworker casually said that she thought this woman who lost tons of weight-- I think like 150 pounds in 3 years was anorexic.. I was offended... You can lose even more weight than that in 3 years without being anorexic... and it made it worse that the person who said this has been skinny all their life and doesn't know the feeling of being fat. There was also the implication that I'm ridiculous fat. I'm obese not ridiculously fat. My BMI is getting closer and closer to overweight. I will not let ignorant comments get me down. If I can stay on track I will be considered overweight by February!

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