Thursday, October 7, 2010

Harder than I thought

So my boyfriend and I go into GNC last night because he is trying to gain weight and I'm looking at all these women pills thinking, "Am I supposed to actually take a pill or vitamin to help me" or is it really a placebo to get me to workout and eat right. I've already lost enough weight the right way to know I don't necessarily need one. He wants to build weight for his jiu jitsu tournaments. I was worried that the protein stuff would effect him too much but supposedly it's not too bad for you.

I tried to use both my elliptical and bike last night after going to out to eat. I know the elliptical burns more calories so I felt like I had to use it since I ate so many calories last night. It was a weird feeling trying to workout with someone else in the room. I usually ask people to leave the room while I'm working out because it freaks me out but I let him stay. While I was on the elliptical, he was on the recumbent bike. It was weird but ok at the same time.

Last night my boyfriend said he would give me an I-Pod touch when I get to 170lbs as a reward for my successes and he said he would buy me a videogame or dvd when I reach 180lbs. He really wants to be apart of the weight loss in some way. I'm hoping getting to 170 is as smooth as I plan. I feel like maybe I need to look up some work out plans too. I'm going to stick to my machines and build up a tolerance for burning more calories.

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