Monday, October 11, 2010

Fiber One

I really think fiber is an important thing to have on a daily basis so I did a taste test today with the Fiber One "Oats and Chocolate" to Target's store brand version. Fiber One tasted more natural than Target's but they both tasted alright in the first place. Fiber One's bar is only a few cents more in comparison so I think I'll be getting more of the Fiber One bars.

I always feel like I have much more to say than I actually post like how I looked at the Kim Khardashian workout video only to realize in the behind the scenes (that I watched before attempting anything) that I needed a step in order to do the workout (which, I don't have). Or how I don't eat food from my refrigerator because I the random bug problem that sprung up. I can't leave food that involves oats or flour in the refrigerator or near the sink for more than 5 minutes. I have ended up purchasing all of my fruits or vegetables on my way to work and resorted to eating out most nights to not have the pest issues. It's quite bothersome but it keeps me from eating loads of carbs because I can't really have it at my place any more. I drink mostly water partially because tea also attracts them and so does fruit juice. I might become obsessive about trying the double lock baggie thing so I can start keeping fruits in my fridge again.

Other things that have come up... Even though the numbers aren't changing that fast almost all of my pants don't fit anymore and some of my shirts are a lot looser. I am still wearing the same pants to work because I don't feel like buying new clothes only to have them not fit later. It's like I need loads of stretchy clothes so I can have them longer.

I've also stopped reading to many weight loss stories. They would usually get me sad and then angry that people go through this. I've been basically just looking at my how to draw manga books in order to help with drawing the chibis for the blog. I've been learning a lot from them I think the drawings are becoming more and more complex. I'm excited to find some books about backgrounds and environment.

I feel like I need to make some extra money to support my weight loss ventures. I still think I could sell paintings on the side but they would have to be small like 16x20 in. or smaller so I could sell them for a reasonable price. Meh.

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