Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Work was beyond stressing today. It was an overload of stress that ended up affecting my ride home, my appetite, basically my desire to do anything but sleep. I can't let myself get stressed out at work. It doesn't need to happen especially when it was going so smooth. I had contemplated just going to sleep for the rest of the evening until I received a random text from my coworker asking if I was ok. After a few texts it started to sink in how much I was letting the situation win over the desires to be happy.

I had really wanted to try the new Spicy Chick-fil-a food since I had a coupon to get one free. I surprised myself when I didn't eat all the food and I took off most of the bread to the sandwich. I was so proud because I used to eat all of the food that was given to me no matter if it was too much food or not.

I bought a lottery ticket. It wasn't so much that I needed to buy the ticket. I just wanted something new to look forward to. It would be nice to win but the suspense of the drawing got me excited.

I ordered some tv shows from the library to watch while I workout.

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