Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not sure what to say= Long post

I miss working out on my recumbent bike. Being sick all week was awful. I'm at my boyfriend's place wishing I was at mine using my recumbent bike.

61 more pounds until I reach my goal weight. I feel like I should have something to celebrate having reached a third of my goal. When I look in the mirror especially at my arms I often think I, yes, can afford to lose more weight than stay the same. I am making better choices with food and drinking water most of the time. There are times when I'm proud of myself and times of self loathig. Sometimes I feel like 30 pounds is nothing and 60 pounds is the real time to boast. I looked back at pictures from my heaviest point and had no idea that my face was that chubby or that I was oblivious to my weight increasing besides the tightening of my pants. I used to complain of my clothes shrinking not realizing it was me ballooning out of proportion. Sigh.

I did make a video for Sun Ah Jewelry recently. If you haven't seen it you should check it out. Little Bird Falls in Love I'm extremely proud of this commercial but I think it also shows that I have dedication to not just losing weight but also to making art.

I decided after replaying my goals/wants for myself that I'm going to sew a dress for myself. It may not be as fancy as the one I designed but I think it will look cute. I am afraid of making dresses for myself because my chest being so large but I think it will work out. I took the bottom part of a EGL dress and spliced it with the top part of a prom dress. I think I will change the fabrics and color a bit but that is the idea. I don't care if I'm plus size or not when I wear it because it is cute to me.

I also made a video for my Visions Talent First Days of School. I am pleased with this video as well. It is a different style than the other video and it actually was made before the one for Sun Ah Jewelry.

On another note: things I do to remind me I'm losing weight:
Exercise equipment in the living room
Virtual weightloss pictures as computer background
Notes on the refrigerator
Notes on the corkboard next to the calendar
Picture of vegetables hanging above the bed
Picture of fruit hanging in the kitchen
Going to the grocery to buy 3 liter bottled waters and fruit
Going to restaurants like panera and ordering soup or salads for dinner
Wearing comfortable shoes at work so I can move around more

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