Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Need a back up plan

My Ode to Buying Fruit Painting (Acrylic on Canvas 18"x24")

So hanging out with people I think is a deterrent for eating correctly. My motivation seems to sway towards eating not as healthy. I swayed yesterday but only somewhat. Buying fruit was somewhat of a saviour for me because I tried to use it to take my appetite from eating the bad food. But I only had green vegetables in the morning. Asparagus for breakfast. Shrimp is not that bad but I had the heavily breaded kind.

My plan should be to remained focused and if all else fails look at the vegetables and fruits that should be stocked in the freezer.

I was watching Rachel Ray yesterday and this guy from Celebrity Fit Club was there. He was talking about adding plain lemon to water and drinking it. Not even adding a sweetener to it. Just drinking it as is. I actually used to drink lemon "shots" (quickly drinking lemon juice in a small glass) everyday when I was losing weight before. The diet detox book promoted was at the library so I borrowed it to see what I already use in my own life.

Partial Disaster: I was trying to make sweet potato fries that I saw in this low calorie cookbook from before. Except I didn't have the book in front of me and ended up burning the fries tossing most of it away. What I did try that was unburnt was great!

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