Friday, June 25, 2010

Party, Paint, and Past

The biggest note to self: Trust your intuition about food.

Remember yesterday about saying to bring some vegetables and fruit or something to the party for me to eat. I should have listened to myself and not had doubts. I did not realize it was going to be like a college party so I thought, “No they usually make fruit salad or fruit cocktail”. Not this time, it was like a plethora of unhealthy food. Not in the sense that everything was unhealthy but everything was paired up with bad things. The fruit had candy on it and the vegetables had fattening dip. I should have also considered how naturally thin were going to be there.

Sigh. Afterwards I really felt like the burn literally. I should have just starved myself. My body was telling me to never do that again or it would make the pain even worse. It made me think about how I cook differently now. Not a lot of butter used, no milk (only soy milk), little cheese now, only olive oil, baking meat when I do have it, vegetables, tofu (yes!), and fast food is now basically a chick-fil-a salad. This feels like the good life. It’s only when I eat at my parents’ house that I get queasy after it. I think I should discuss that with them because if I feel that way they might also feel similarly after eating.

I bought this belly dance workout video that I used to do. Thank you thrift store for always having something cool (at least to look at)! The dvd was only $3. Hopefully I’ll still enjoy it like I used to. Reading other blogs made me feel lucky that I have my own elliptical machine and the ability to do loads of different exercises. Part of me is wondering how much fat I have in comparison to muscles since I used to workout every week at college. For awhile it was everyday and then I started making excuses to not have to go in there after getting really sick (2 weeks of a gym induced cold) from one of my intense workouts. If I had not been eating a plate of eggs (probably like 5-6 large eggs) everyday while going to the gym I would have lost more weight. Following my brother’s weight training plan was making my muscles toned and larger in my arms and my stomach was going down. When I switched gyms people would say how weird it was that I lifted that much weight and still remained my weight. CAKE! CAKE! And more CAKE! :(

I am going to put mental notes in my kitchen to help me not forget my goals with eating and living right. I painted a picture with a cupcake on it before I had thought about the consequences of seeing it everyday. Maybe I should try and sell it. I want to have healthy reminders of what to eat rather than what not. Positive Motivation! Should have pictures of fruits and vegetables.

Fibers: I didn’t know there are two types of fibers. Mainly it said what I thought it would say. Dark leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits.

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