Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Weigh in

Well, I must be doing something right. I got on the scale today and weigh 8 pounds less from when I started. At first, I was nervous. Something was telling me to just do it. So I will keep up eating way more vegetables than meat and pasta. When I do it meat I will try to make it fish. I think I am going to try buying some sugar free popsicles to help myself not be tempted in eating the soy ice cream. Let’s get this straight--- Soy ice cream is half the calories of regular ice cream and I only eat it in the serving size suggested (a half cup). Sugar-Free popsicles have like a fourth of the calories of soy ice cream and are probably naturally healthy.

Last time I lost weight I ate popsicles a whole lot and I don’t know why I stopped exactly. I think I ended up switching popsicles for cake. Hmmm, maybe since I’m the one buying all the groceries now I won’t run into the same problem. There is a party today that I was invited to, which means that I probably should go to the store to bring some fruits and vegetables. Speaking of vegetables, the vegetables that I had last night were great until they hit my stomach--- possibly a little too much garlic in it. I put strawberries in the vegetables to make it a little more “meaty”.

Also the last time I didn’t eat bread and replaced it with iceberg lettuce. Now I’m not eating bread because I refuse to buy it and because the calories in one slice of bread are ridiculous. Brown Rice it is. My brother is willing to take my 2 pound bag of white rice off my hands. I am interested in fiber. Those fiber pop tarts were really delicious but sadly too much processing and calories. Also, I’ve been thinking about taking a multivitamin pill. I tried doing it before but ended up forgetting about them. My boyfriend binged ate all my gummy multivitamins because he loves gummy candy only these were 10 dollars a small freaking bottle vitamins! It should have been “girls only” vitamins then he wouldn’t have touched them.

Today I’m going to compile a list of fiber filled foods and make a list here to remind myself of what to buy at the store.

I’m wondering how many people use a natural sugar versus the white granulated sugar. Does it really make a difference in terms of weight loss?

I’m feeling good that I’d making some progress. Maybe I should set up goals for myself.

200 lbs: Anime Box Set
180 lbs: Coach Poppy wristlet
160 lbs: A big easel for painting
140 lbs: To be announced
120 lbs: To be announced

Ok. I was looking at the Manga Recipe book for the California roll: Avocado, Cucumbers, Rice, Nori (Seaweed), and Imitation crab meat. That sounds like dinner in a bowl to me… It doesn’t have to be sushi but I could try making it in a bowl.

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