Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Eating in Moderation?

After watching that movie Food Inc, it has me thinking about my food choices. I've already decided to cook less red meat but that it on the basis that I don't like cooking it that much and it's on the expensive side. Yesterday going to the Asian restaurant for lunch was pretty good. I ended up taking a lot home. I also have 2 new cookbooks from the library that probably not posted about already.

The Manga cookbook because I love the illustrations and some of the recipes look easy enough for me to make or at least to motivate me to eat better.

Get this---- Anthropologie had these super cute rice size bowls that I had to snatch up for $3.95 a bowl.... super steal I think. Especially because it matches my china for the most part. I'm still going to get a couple more else where to have some variety but I'm so excited.

Trader Joe's is so amazing. I bought some eel sushi, Shrimp Gyoza, Chicken Gyoza, and a couple other things for 20 something dollars. I'm concerned about the sodium content in some of the gyoza but it still is healthy compared to some of the other things out there. Especially since I'm not eating them with anything else.

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