Saturday, June 19, 2010

Losing weight or a better self image

Toting the image of success can be hard when you are at sometimes self-loathing. I for one have had a hard week in the department of displaying my best attributes as a person. To myself I'm outgoing in terms of going to the library, trying newre foods, and watching obscure movies. To others I display a shy persona. I don't know if I necessarily need the world to view me as a fit and outgoing athlete ready to take on any challenge. My new shoes made me feel like I might have a real shot at running with their perkyness. I used the elliptical less than I should have this week letting the loathing part of me come out and say why does it really matter.

My diet is improving for the better. Instead of running for the chips and dip, I was running for the vegetables. Although, when I get there I am at a loss for what to do with them. I used part of the scrambled tofu recipe in order to make a different kind of stir fry this week. My freezer is also stocked with a lot of vegetables thanks to Trader Joe's. It was difficult to find the store but I definitely will be back there again.

Surprisingly, asian films also influenced my eating habits. I am trying to use the saucer more and more to serve myself dinner so that I have to force myself to go back to the kitchen if I really want another plate of food. Seeing how I'm lazy enough with cooking, I eat less because I really do not feel like going through the process of waiting a minute or 2 to reheat more food. Yes, one small sort of victory. I love how the asian films show them making mounds of food and then only eating a little bit of the food. I really want to be like that. Of course not letting the food go to waste but telling myself...really it is ok to stop.

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