Sunday, June 27, 2010

Goals for this week: Think Vegetables

One of my main goals for this week with my weight loss is to make a California Sushi Rice bowl. I may cut out the nori because it's $5 for like 2 sheets but I'm not sure. I could like it and have enough to eat another time in the week. Not completely sure yet. I'm going to work really hard to exercise everyday this week either by video or by elliptical or a little of both. A blog i read had someones story to success. The person said they exercised everyday because they ate everyday. This should be on a poster or something!

Another goal is to post my art for planting the seeds of buying and eating vegetables. I was watching top chef and it got me thinking about if I could remember eating vegetables a lot when I was gaining weight. I probably wasn't since I can only remember being stressed over college and eating at fast food restaurants between working two to three jobs.

Take pictures for the weight loss journey to visually see the difference.

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