Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Fighting with a loved one about your weight is never a good situation. I have not shared this new weight loss blog with many people on the concern that they might try to judge that by making a mistake with my eating or exercising that I am still in a fattie mentality or am just thinking not really doing anything. Sure everyone has body issues but when you are a current fattie people may look at your body issues as something more.

So what the hell! I'm not perfect but I am working on making the right choices with food and by myself because no one is patting me on the back everyday to tell me good job. Geez, I can see this road is going to be hard. First step in my journey was attacking my kitchen with a look of a monster!!! Muhahaha, I said when I looked at my cabinets and said I will not eat you any longer. I refuse to spend my money on cheap junk food when I could use those dollars to buy better food! Also, the cookbooks (even though I'm just OK at cooking) tell me things to look for at the grocery store. If you look through them long enough you start to see patterns. I'm not counting calories or binging on the "healthy" foods. I'm looking for things I like but healthier and in moderation.

Yes, I may eat dessert foods from time to time and yes, I may not exercise the same as everyone else but I will find what I actually like and stick to it.

Second, Working out! If only there were some sport or exercise that I loved doing that I wouldn't mind doing every single day. That same feeling when you go out to eat with your friends and you mention your allergies. I'd like to say I'm allergic to not exercising so make sure you hold the laziness. I don't want it to make me queasy after dinner! Sigh. Aerobics is fun. I already wrote about somethings I've already tried although I forgot to put down the belly dance videos. They were excellent but it makes you wonder if you are doing it right.

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