Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starting out


Lowest weight in adult life: 145.
Used to be normal weight: 185.

I've been exercising regularly for about 2-3 weeks now. Trying out everything to see what I like. It's hard you know to become settled into the idea that I can do it again.
I went to the library recently to get Caribbean cookbooks because almost all of the caribbean people I know are thin. Then, I thought why don't I just get the core ingredients and see how they compare to the weight loss books-- returning to the library for more inspiration. I found vegetarian, vegan, and weight loss books but I also find self help books. One that I read--- Secrets of a Former Fat Girl--- literally made me cry. I was reading and thinking wow, some of the concepts in this book relate so much to things that have just happened. Everytime I read parts of the book it made me even more motivated to get on my elliptical machine.

I'm questioning myself--- should I start going to the gym or just buy another piece of exercise equipment? I love the recumbent bike way more than I like the elliptical because it is easy for me to study things I'm fascinated with or I could just television. I have decided one thing already, new athletic shoes are a must. I don't feel like I could lose the weight I want to without the right shoes. The Jillian Michael's show inspired me to try a 5k race. I don't know about the racing part but I want to run with people--- preferably people of all sizes to get to the finish line. First, I need running shoes. Second, I need to learn to run, and third, I need to do it. My elliptical workouts won't be enough. There are not any good places to run yet unless I run on the weekend.

Ok so you might be wondering what I've so far for exercising and my thoughts:

Tae-bo: I love it. I love the harder ones; the harder, the more I sweat at the beginning. I feel the burn days after so it's more of a workout that I should do if I'm not going to work out for a few days.
Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies: Fun and he doesn't make you feel like a fattychan but I don't really feel the burn after.
Jane Fonda: (yes I know it's old) Great but it's intense on the knees if you do the jumping jacks.
Gentle Yoga: I didn't like the first session I tried but I loved the second section. The guy was a total hippie I loved it.
Just my Size Yoga: I felt like it was not enough for me after loving the gentle yoga by Yoga Zone.
Wii Fit Plus: The aerobics, yoga, and strength training are wonderful.
Elliptical Machine: I used to work at the maximum of the machine when I was in college. Now on my new idea. I'm working out a half hour at 80% of the machine. I usually burn 500-600 calories in a half hour.
Recumbent Bike: My favorite machine of all time. I could spend hours on it just exercising away. Maybe I really should buy one even though I know I don't burn calories as fast as the elliptical.
Treadmill: Shins... My shins... Oh the pain. OH the agony. No reall, I can't seem to find a way to get the treadmill to work right for me.
Walking: Used to be a good past time but I need to find places to walk to or to walk around.

Goals: Exercise and exercise some more and try out foods I like that are healthier.

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