Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another day of Questions

I bought my first pair of running shoes in my life and I excited about the running I should be able to do. I got the Nike Air Max shoes. They seem like they should help from my shins hurting when i run/jog. Now I need to find a track/gym.

My food choices are going to be interesting this week. I have tofu to eat but I also want to have lots of fruit too. My food mission is to try some recipes from the weight loss cookbooks I borrowed from the library. It should be fun. The one I'm looking forward to is the Sweet Potato fries made in the oven. I'm also going to make myself like brown rice. I can't remember liking it before but it's better for me and cheaper than white rice so it's worth a try. Rice is also cheaper than bread so I'm definitely game.

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