Saturday, December 31, 2016

Day off

So basically this weekend is a research weekend on meal prep and exercising. We came to the decision that we are going to go back to doing hard boiled eggs for work and thinking about adding better vegetables to the mix. I'm looking forward to not thinking so hard about what I'm going to eat and also cutting down the times I go to fast food restaurants. I think we need to start making healthier choices overall to maximize the energy we could have during the day. Meal prepping and outfit prepping would take so much stress out of my week. We already are going to adopt homemade pizza night since my fiancĂ© loves pizza. Maybe I could make it pizza and salad night. 

New Youtube (to me):

Untamed Strength-- Alan Thrall
His videos are really inspiring for quite a few reasons but he put so much sense to things I had wondered about from my previous weight loss journey: overtraining and injury... And proper form.

I love squats but I never realized my form was wrong. It would be fun to learn proper form and try to learn the barbell squats. I feel like I should have tried then by now but I'm learning. I don't think I could do them every time at the gym because people hog the free weights but eventually I will work out something. 

I can't remember if I mentioned Nicole Collet's youtube but they (her and her husband) are inspirational for meal prep. We don't have a scale but I can appreciate the time to show every part of the prep. I personally need more seasoning in my homemade meals but we are starting somewhere. We are probably going to invest in meat shears because of their channel. 

I feel so inspired to keep going and striving to better myself. 


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