Saturday, January 7, 2017

207.2 need to eat fiber and vegetables

I feel like I'm not going to make it anywhere if my nutrition is lacking. I ate a packed lunch for work this week and I need to do some tweaking. Also, I've been feeling pretty down in a lot of aspects of my life and working out is helping. I feel like I'm going to get the hang of the meal prep. Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube are really helping a lot. I'm hoping that eventually I'll be under 200 pounds. I really want to be in onederland because it really feels embarrassing to myself that I have to go so high up on the machine for the weight calculation being as short as I am. I can see my stomach flab starting to change a little. I think it's because of the Arc trainer and the abdominal machine. If I could reach at least 180 pounds by the end of this year I think I would feel fantastic. 

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