Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Looking for something

It's true. I love my time at the gym. It's literally one of the calm moments I have to just be myself. I found myself in a routine but I feel like I just want to try out a bunch of things at the gym to just make each trip exciting. I don't really feel like I can share my excitement over the gym with anyone because I keep seeing that glazed look on people's faces. Anyway, it feels like if I just go with the intention of just enjoying the workout I will keep it up long term. I don't think I should worry about the calories as much because just going to the gym will help me keep my stress levels down. I've been reading articles about calories so I think it's just safe to say that being active is something I need. I think once I work on decluttering my junk I can develop a good routine to go to work and meal prep easier. I just need to find the energy to get rid of stuff even if it means throwing it away. 

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