Tuesday, January 17, 2017


So yeah, no meal prep over this 3 day weekend so my meal for today is a joke. My weight always seems to just skyrocket after I let others know of my excitement over weight loss. Am I just supposed to be quiet about it then? It feels crappy to get let down so much after being excited. I know I'm going to keep working towards my goal. I just don't know if I should work towards keeping things to myself and deflect conversation so don't have think about anyone sabotaging not even myself. I could also just not step on the scale and just focus on being healthy. My weight is going to be what it wants to be. I'm just working on creating and eating more nutrient dense meals.

Alright I'm just going to think out loud about my meals yesterday which were chocked full of junk:

In the morning/early afternoon I had a hamburger with egg, cheese, bacon, lettuce, and tomato... Now normally I would have switched the beef for turkey and taken off the cheese and bacon... I took out half the bacon and left everything else. What was I thinking?? I don't even know how I didn't thoughtfully make a choice. I thought about ordering a salad with the burger but instead ordered the sweet potato fries and fruit. I really don't know how I thought that was doing any good for me. Looking back at it now I just am shaking my head wondering what I was thinking.

(I ate this even after finding out Pad Thai is junk food which I didn't know when I ordered it the a couple nights before. I mean I shouldn't have ordered the pasta because it's pasta but I thought because it was rice pasta, nutty and chicken/shrimp it couldn't be that bad for you. I was wrong. Really wrong. )

Then I had a bit of ice cream and a third of a cookie trying to live in the moment.

For dinner I had had enough of living in the moment but still had tacos. I gave all of the meat to my sons so that I could cut calories but still ate all that bread.

My big questions to myself: Where are the veggies? Where are the fibrous foods? How can I take more control and not just "live in the moment"...

Tonight I need to get my life right even if it's buying a rotisserie and cutting it up for lunch. I will prevail with eating better. It's not difficult to pour frozen vegetables in a meal prep thing for my lunch.

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